The tour starts here, as for the first day…

„Nothing runs smoothly in this pandemic.“

Unfortunately Norway is still closed because of the corona virus.

I have to improvise, as i can’t postpone my trip anymore. I have decided to start from Stockholm, Sweden instead. No actual big deference is made regarding the distance. As i have to start from Stockholm instead of Oslo.

Time is clicking, anxiety is building up.

Passing the first phase is the hardest, which is arriving to my starting point in this pandemic.

Fingers crossed “

The Wechsel Tent is ready and has been tested:)

  • I come from a complicated place, from religion to hate between stupid people who are in charge. (By stupid people i mean both sides).
  • My point of view is escaping these people and their extreme thinking.
  • What people should really fight for is the climate change.
  • For me it is the number one issue that all the citizens of the world have the responsibility for.
  • I hope Sweden will treat me well
  • On this Blog you can read my daily update on my trip.
  • With this Blog i am hopping to find followers who can cycle as much as they want with me, help me publish my route, or even just enjoy the updates of my adventure throughout Europe on the bike

  • This Blog is public cause i want to reach out, reach out to all the people who want to support this movement (traveling green and with less unfriendly ways)
  • I also would like to reach out to the people who can support me with any thing (getting followers, financially, even join cycling with me.
  • Here its all about, traveling, life, going green, cycling, adventure, bike touring, see the world in another way.
  • Getting in contact with people is very important for me.
  • When my Blog gets to where i want it to, it will concentrate on doing trips for the sake of the climate and other charities.

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